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Financial aid is available to qualified applicants.

The school’s financial aid policy is based on the philosophy that the primary responsibility for paying educational costs rests with students and parents. Financial aid funds are awarded to supplement a family or student contribution when family funds alone cannot cover educational expenses.

Although applications are accepted throughout the award year, Mr. Leon’s School of Hair Design recommends that the students submit applications at least eight weeks before the start of their program to receive full consideration for available funds. Late applicants may apply for loan assistance throughout the year.

Whether a student is eligible for assistance, and how much, is determined by the need of the particular student. Each case is different. The school makes an evaluation if the individual, privately and impartially. The programs described have their guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Education. The student should read up on these programs, discuss it with their parents, determine if he/she meets eligibility requirements and then talk with the school representative about it.

The federal financial aid programs which the school makes available are the Federal Direct Student Loans and Pell Grants.

The philosophy of the school is to help every eligible student receive aid through a Pell Grant. When this grant does not cover all the expenses of the student, or the grant has not been received, the family is encouraged to cover the tuition through payments. However, many families are unable to finance secondary education without at least some assistance. In these cases, the school will apply its efforts within federal guidelines to obtain access for the student to a Guaranteed Student Loan.

Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) can be found at the Federal Student Aid Website:

Complete the application using the Mr. Leon's school code (016054) and your application will be sent directly to the school. 

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Any questions please contact our Financial Aid Office at 208.743.6822 or 208.882.2923